Freeze drying or dehydration is a natural food preservation method. The water contained in fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh pasta should be extracted in a gentle way, at low temperatures. LIFE blast chiller is the perfect kitchen appliance to achieve this result in safety and while keeping the nutrients in the food unchanged.  The freeze drying process removes almost all the water from food without altering vitamins, proteins and nutrients more in general. Removing water means no need of adding preservatives and most importantly means stopping bacteria growth.
Freeze dried food can have an extended shelf life of many years and can be re-hydrated in minutes.
freeze drying foods with blast chiller

Cut into thin slices the foods you want to dry, place it on a baking tray or on the special temperature blast grill and start the CONSERVATION function at + 45 ° C with 100% ventilation. After a couple of hours check the state of dehydration, it will take some time, but the result will be excellent!

You can use the blast chiller to prepare freeze dried mushrooms, flavoured meats and risotto, oranges, fruits and even flowers to make table and plates decorations or placeholders; fruit and granola for your white yogurt to prepare healthy and light breakfasts or snacks for your children.