We all know that bacteria transform food’s organoleptic properties causing its deterioration. Perhaps someone does not know that the temperature range between  + 65°C and + 10°C is the ideal condition for bacteria proliferation. Meat, fish, and poultry all contain a considerable number of bacteria in their raw form, some of them are extremely dangerous for the human body, like Anisakis, Escherichia Coli, and Salmonella.

Spoilage is the process of food deterioration to the point when it is not edible anymore. Various external factors determine the growth of bacteria that are responsible for the spoilage of food. These bacteria multiply quickly over just a few hours if food is not stored in unsuitable conditions.

food deterioration blast chiller

Microorganisms, enzymes, light, high temperature and oxygen can accelerate food spoilage. Yeast can also be responsible for the decomposition of foods with a high sugar content. Signs of food deterioration are a different appearance from its fresh form, change in colour and unpleasant odour. A change in texture and undesirable taste are other obvious consequences.

Thanks to the introduction of blast chillers and blast freezers, first in commercial and now in residential kitchens, it is possible to control and eliminate bacteria proliferation. Water is the other important element contained in all foods. The percentage of water in foods influences texture, colour, and flavour obviously. A change in the level of humidity, a loss of water or an increase, will determine food spoilage.

The super-fast blast freezing process ensures that bacteria have a minimal time to reproduce, resulting in an extended food shelf life. Basically, food stays fresh and healthy for longer. The water contained in fresh or cooked food is crystallised, without changing its optimal humidity level.

You always should ensure that meat, fish, and poultry are properly stored at around -18 °C. At this temperature, bacteria cannot grow, and you can be sure that your food and prepared meals are safe, so your family and friends are not at risk for food poisoning.

LIFE domestic blast chillers range has been designed with specific functions to help to reduce the risk of bacteria growth and to preserve food quality. Another fantastic benefit of blast freezing food and cooked meals is the ability to preserve nutrients in food. A blast chiller stops food deterioration, preserving ingredients when are at their best moments and retaining nutrients in ready cook meals.

food deterioration - avoid food poisoning blast chiller

Benefits are huge; Imagine buying the best seasonal fresh produce and preserve it for those moments in the year when these products are expensive and hard to find. Imagine dedicating only one day to cooking fantastic meals and have them whenever you like, like freshly cooked. Consider now the amount of time and money you will save.

There is a wide range of sizes in the LIFE range, to fit various kitchens and budgets. Controls are clear and easy to use, and its elegant design matches every style. Increased quality, saving and peace of mind are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy.