• 400 gr dark chocolate 60%
  • 20 gr chopped hazelnuts
  • 20 gr chopped pistachios

With blast chiller LIFE you can get delicious chocolates worthy of the best pastry chefs, from the comfort of your own home! The crystallization of chocolate done very quickly at the correct temperature will make the chocolate shiny and crunchy. A cooling temperature too low would affect the result matting the outer surface and making unpleasant spots emerge of cocoa butter.


Finely chop the chocolate and melt 280 gr over low heat until the temperature 49°/ 50° C. When the chocolate has melted completely, pour it into a bowl, add others 120 gr and stir constantly until the temperature 28°/29° C.

This heating and cooling operation is called tempering and needs to melt the cocoa butter molecules.

Before to strain the temperate chocolate, support the mold on a blast chiller’s grid, put it on a baking sheet to collect the excess chocolate.

Wipe the mold cavity with chopped hazelnuts and pistachios.

Fill the mold and, helping you with a flat spatula, deploy the chocolate.

Insert the mold into LIFE with function CHOCOLATE at 12° for 20 minutes

Cycle finished the chocolate will be crystallized; flip the mold and detaches the chocolates…it’s time to impress guests!

Good tasting!

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